Tuesday, December 15, 2009

GripZies No Slip Grip

I've been investigating some options to help my alligator clips stay in a bit better. I've settled on the GripZies no-slip grips for a couple of reasons. They work GREAT! I've added them to several of my girls' bows. And, they are non toxic and latex free! Another great selling point as latex allergies become more and more prevalent.

So, I'm proud to say that my alligator clips will now be lined with this great product.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Basic Hairbow Clip Information

I get lots of questions about the types of clips that I use. Here are some pictures of the basic clips. I can use almost any clip on any bow, but some definitely work better for certain things.

These are generally called "flat clips". They pop open and closed. They work well for barrettes:

This clip is called a "french clip". It locks together. These are typical clips for bows, especially larger ones:

This clip is generally called an "alligator clip". They work well for barrette styles, but some people prefer to use them as bows, clipped on top of a small ponytail, etc:

And, this is a plastic foldover clip. It has grips in the inside. These work great for little bits of hair. Small bows can be put on these:

These are the clips that I most commonly use. I cannot guarantee that the metal ones are lead free, but I do buy from suppliers who note that they are certified lead free. If you have a clip preference for the bows that you purchase, please let me know at time of purchase and I'll be glad to accommodate!

Also, my barrettes generally are made to put in on the right side of the head, with the exception of barrette sets which usually include opposite barrettes.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Welcome to Twisted Ribbons!

I am an engineer turned stay at home mom to two of the cutest little girls you have ever seen ;) My oldest is 5 yrs old, and my youngest is two.

I started making bows for my girls when I was having a hard time finding things that I liked out there. People starting asking me about the bows and barrettes I was making, and soon I was making them for others too. That is pretty much how it all began!

I'll be posting pictures of my latest bow and barrette designs here. Please check them out, and thanks so much for visiting my blog.