Thursday, July 15, 2010

Giddy for Gingham

My 3 yr old was my alarm clock this morning at 5:35am with a very sweet whisper "Mommy, can I watch cartoons now?". Good thing she is cute. One of the wonderful things about summer time is that no matter how many black out curtains I hang in her room, the first sliver of sunlight to hit her little face and she is UP!

But, it is amazing how much you can get done when you are up by 5:45am ;)

Lately, I'm in love with this new gingham ruffle ribbon I found. LOVE. Can't get enough! So much cuteness to be created with it.

Here are some new things!

Lined alligator clips:

Wrapped headband with flower:

And, some itty bitty baby snap clips lined with ribbon:

Thanks for taking a peek!

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  1. Oh, these are SO adorable!!! Thanks for linking!