Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St. Paddy's Day

My six year old is very, very excited about St. Patrick's Day. Seriously. Maybe more than Christmas and Halloween. See, those naughty leprechauns came last year the night before St. Patrick's Day and they really left a mess. Chairs and tables toppled over, school work taped to the walls, and shamrocks on the ceiling.

She has been on a mission ever since to catch one of those naughty guys! We have been diligently working on her trap for a week now. At 6:30 am, she wanted to add a rainbow to the trap this morning to lure him in there ;)

I have some new St. Patrick's Day things in my shop to keep your little one from getting pinched on the big day! Check them out:

This one is a smaller version of the shamrock on a baby snap clip for the wee ones:

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